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Ferrari Sky Jump V95 Dualsteer Tractors with front tires and rear rubber tracks, mono-directional, with double steering system. 91 HP The Sky Jump is a specialized tractor with front tires and rear rubber tracks. This dual configuration provides the units the handling qualities of a classic tractor with tires as well as the stability and traction of a track. As a matter of fact, the traction of the Sky Jump, depending on the terrain, can exceed by 60% the one of the tractors with tires and if used on steep slopes it has a higher side stability which allows the tractor to work in espalier rows, generally sloping downstream, while perfectly following its direction even if combined with heavy tractor-mounted attachments. This mix-configuration of tires-tracks of the Sky Jump shows three advantages: 1. A remarkably reduced ground compaction thanks to the less pressure of the tracks on the ground in comparison with the pneumatic wheel; 2. Minimal damages of the ground between rows and when steering at the end of the field in comparison with a machine equipped with iron tracks; 3. Homologation for road circulation and possibility to easily travel at 40 km/h. without spoiling the road surface. Thanks to the unique dual steering system Dualsteer® acting on the front wheels and on the central articulation, the Sky Jump has a great maneuverability equal to its “brothers” on pneumatic wheels, as it can reach a steering angle of 60° with very limited steering radius. These features, combined with the short wheelbase and low center of gravity, make the Sky Jump the ideal machine for working in rows and crops on steep slopes where traction, stability, maneuverability and safety are the essential requirements. The Sky Jump is equipped with a 4-cylinder, VM Turbo Intercooler engine developing 91 HP with EGR System inside. The decision to use a lower number of rpms, 2300 rpm/min was conceived to reduce consumption, noise level and vibrations, with the benefit of comfort. Vega V95 DUALSTEER Isodiametric tractors, reversible, with double steering system. 79 or 91 hp Tractors only for Countries which do not foresee engines in Phase 3B emission level. The Vega Dualsteer® are specialized tractors with the exclusive double steering system. The Dualsteer® combining safety and stability of the steering wheel ‘RS’ version with the performance in curves and manoeuvrability of the ‘AR’ version with central articulation. The standard reversibile driving position, the short wheelbase and the steering radius to 2200 mm. only (with wheels 280/70-18) make the Vega Dualsteer the ideal machine to be used both on slopes and in the most extreme conditions, where the ability to move with ease and in total safety becomes the only way to work: vineyards and orchards with narrow row spacing, greenhouses as well as all the maintenance works, both in summer and winter, typically done by local municipalities. Two VM engines are available for the Vega: a 79 hp four cylinder engine (Vega V85) and a 91 hp four cylinder engine (Vega V95), both with EGR System inside. The decision to use a lower number of rpms, 2300 rpm/min was conceived to reduce consumption, noise level and vibrations, with the benefit of comfort.

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